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The Atlantic Facilities and Research Equipment Database (AFRED) is an open access, online, searchable database designed to increase the use of specialized research infrastructure in our region by connecting potential users with the facilities that host the equipment. The purpose of this tool is to promote increased interaction between industry, SMEs, researchers, and others involved in R&D in the region, and to provide a starting point for the development of collaborations regionally, nationally, and internationally.

The database includes brief descriptions of major pieces of research equipment available for use by external researchers, as well as contact information for you to connect directly with the host facilities.

AFRED is an initiative of Science Atlantic (https://scienceatlantic.ca), a charitable association of 16 post-secondary and research institutes in Atlantic Canada. The mission of Science Atlantic is to advance post-secondary science education and research in Atlantic Canada by:

  • Providing opportunities that foster and enrich students
  • Supporting and inspiring researchers and educators
  • Using our collective voice to address important regional science issues

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