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Why should I list my equipment in AFRED?

Listing your equipment in AFRED gives you the opportunity to promote your facility and research infrastructure. AFRED can facilitate the identification of new research connections while at the same time providing you with access to a centralized list of the equipment within your facility.

What type of equipment should I list in AFRED?

This decision is ultimately in the hands of the equipment owner/purchaser. You know your equipment better than we do. If you believe there may be demand for a piece of equipment you have purchased or that other populations (researchers, entrepreneurs, SMEs. etc.) may find your piece of equipment useful, than you should list it in AFRED.

Examples of equipment already in AFRED: High-Speed Camera, Compensated Calorimeter, SLA 3D Printer, Real-Time PCR Detection System

What am I agreeing to by listing my equipment information in AFRED?

By submitting your facility and equipment information, you acknowledge that you have read and agreed to the terms of service and website privacy policy.

Can I upload pictures of my equipment?

AFRED does not currently support photo submissions. We have received this request before and have it on our wish list for future features. In the meantime, hyperlinks can be added to entries, and users may link to external images.

How do I include information from my spec sheet?

There is currently a section for equipment specification included in the submission form. If you have a spec sheet that has information not covered by the submission form, you may hyperlink to where the spec sheet is found.

What if none of the categories listed in the Research Disciplines or Sector of Application describe my field of research?

The Research Disciplines or Sector of Application lists were developed through extensive consultation with the AFRED Advisory Committee to help ensure these lists provide options for a broad range of users. We understand that there may be some users whose research may not be represented by this list. If this is the case for you, please contact us at Your information will help inform and further develop this information.

How can I update my facility information?

If you are a listed contact for your facility’s record, enter your email address on this page: This will generate a list of facilities attached to that email address. You will select the facility you wish to update and request an update token, which will be sent via email. The email will contain a unique link which will take you to a pre-filled submission form, where changes can be made. After the updates are submitted, the AFRED administrator will approve the edits if they are appropriate. This process guarantees that data integrity is maintained in the database. 

What is an update token?

When you are looking to update your facility record you will need to request an update token here. The system will send an update token to the email address linked to your facility record. The update token contains a unique link that will allow you to update your facility record.

Who can request an email token?

The primary contact and any additional contacts listed under a facility record can request an update token.

I have requested an update token but haven’t received one. What do I do?

Only one token can be opened per facility at any given time. If you haven’t received a token and it is not in your junk mail, it is likely that you or another facility contact already requested a token. Double check your email and/or get in touch with the other facility contacts to determine whether this is the case or not. If you cannot locate the email, or if none of the contacts suggest they have previously requested an update token, please contact us at

I no longer have access to the email address I used to create the facility record. How can I update the record with my new contact information?

You have a few options in this situation. If there are any other contacts associated with the facility you wish to update, you could ask them to update your contact information through our update token system. You can also contact us at We can update your contact information for you.

What if I am not listed as a contact for the facility I wish to edit?

You must be a facility contact in order to request an update token, and thus gain access to the update form. Each facility can have up to four contacts (one primary contact and three additional contacts). Get in touch with the primary contact to discuss getting added as an additional contact so you can edit the facility record in the future.

How long will the update token remain open?

The update token will remain open until you hit the “Submit” button.

Do I have to let people use my equipment?

No, you are not required to let people use your equipment. Upon contact and further discussion regarding the use of your equipment, it is at your discretion to decide whether you’d like to offer your equipment for use. Another option is to provide services for someone who contacts you, rather than letting them use your equipment.

How do I navigate the development of a new partnership/contract?

Many university campuses now have assigned professionals, i.e. Industry Liaison Officer (ILO), who are responsible for identifying research opportunities and negotiating research contracts. Get in touch with an institutional ILO for expert advice on navigating contracts, terms of agreement, cost schedules, etc. Click here for a list of institutional Industry Liaison Officer’s in the Atlantic region.

Can I charge fees for usage of my equipment/facility?

Yes, you can make arrangements to charge a fee for usage. AFRED is a tool to help researchers and other professionals identify potential partners. Once the connection is made, it is the responsibility of those involved to discuss the terms of the partnership, including the possibility of charging a fee for usage.

Does AFRED take a cut of the money we get from collaborations?

No, we do not profit from collaborations made through AFRED. We provide a single access point to information about research infrastructure in the Atlantic region. We are not involved in the process of developing terms of collaboration.

Why are there no usernames or passwords associated with

AFRED was designed with ease of use and accessibility in mind. By not requiring or storing passwords, AFRED ensures your security, increases ease of use, removes barriers for participation and cuts down on the need for IT support. All you need is your email address to add or edit facility information.

How is AFRED funded?

AFRED is currently funded by ACOA, NSERC Atlantic, Springboard Atlantic, and other supporters. Click here to see a list of our partners and supporters.   We’re working with universities and others partners to develop a model to financially sustain the project after the development phase is complete.  

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