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Purification of proteins, analysis of oligomerization



Research Facility

Waller Laboratory, Gairdiner Center for Environmental Innovation, Dept. of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Mount Allison University
Mount Allison University
New Brunswick (NB)

My research program focuses on discovering the biochemical regulation of DMSP contents in algae. My short term goal is to discover the genes encoding the DMSP biosynthesis pathway enzymes using a combination of bacterial complementation assays, comparative genomics and classical protein purification methods. Purification of the native enzymes will enable gene identification technologies to discover the genes encoding DMSP metabolic enzymes. Purified native or recombinant DMSP enzymes will be characterized with respect to their biochemical structure, regulation, and kinetic behaviour. Identification of genes encoding DMSP metabolic enzymes will further our understanding of how widespread DMSP production is in 1) sequenced algal genomes by searching their genomes and 2) by using antibodies raised against purified enzymes in immunoblot analyses of those algae without sequenced genomes. These tools will also facilitate investigations of DMSP enzyme regulation under different conditions by monitoring transcript or protein expression level changes.

  • Biological and Life Sciences
  • Chemistry and Biochemistry
  • Life Sciences, Pharmaceuticals and Medical Equipment

Industry Liaison Officer

David Bruce


Jeffrey Waller Primary Contact
Associate Professor

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