He extraction line


He extraction line

Main purpose of the He line is extracting He gas from accessory minerals and quantitative analyses of it's isotopic composition.

Research Facility

Dalhousie University
Nova Scotia (NS)

The main aim of thermochronometry is to quantify the thermal evolution of rocks through time. Low-temperature thermochronometry – specifically (U-Th)/He dating – is now a cornerstone of geoscience investigations documenting the timing and tempo of thermal processes in the Earth’s crust, including mountain building, landscape evolution and erosion, fault slip, and mineralization. Our laboratory routinely performs (U-Th)/He dating on apatite and zircon and is currently engaged on developing the procedure for spinel (U-Th)/He. Our laboratory closely collaborates with the Fission-Track dating laboratory (Director I Coutand) which analyses the same minerals, apatite and zircon, making the Dalhousie low-temperature thermochronometry unique in Canada.

We offer (U-Th)/He analyses of apatites and zircons on the contract and collaborative basis. Please, contact Roman Kislitsyn for details.

  • Environmental and Earth Sciences
  • Energy (Renewable and Fossil)
  • Mining, Minerals and Metals

Industry Liaison Officer

Margaret Palmeter

Date submitted: Mon, Jan 7, 2019 12:09 PM
Date updated: Mon, Jan 21, 2019 4:27 AM

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