Single-beam Echosounder


Single-beam Echosounder

From website: "Our complete Aquatic Habitat Echosounder System lets you simultaneously acquire submerged aquatic vegetation, substrate, and bathymetry data using Visual Acquisition software and instantly create layered, colored and contoured maps using Visual Habitat software.

  • Map submerged aquatic vegetation (SAV)
  • Map eelgrass and other habitat areas
  • Monitor invasive aquatic weeds
  • Delineate areas of sand, mud, rock
  • Generate contour profiles
  • Shallow water mapping

Mobile survey deployment from small boats or research vessels in lakes, rivers, estuaries, and shallow marine environments."

Research Facility

Aquaculture Sustainability Lab
Dalhousie University
Halifax, Nova Scotia
Nova Scotia (NS)

Working in cooperation with Cooke Aquaculture, our lab focuses on increasing the sustainability of aquaculture through the use of marine technology and spatial data.

  • Marine/Ocean Sciences
  • Fisheries and Aquaculture
  • Ocean Industries


Jon Grant Primary Contact
Anne McKee
Lab Coordinator & Research Assistant

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