Weather Station


Weather Station
Campbell Scientific
CR10x and various instruments, tower etc.

Continuous monitoring of atmospheric conditions at site.

Precipitation: +/-0.2mm; Temp:+/- 0.1C; RH:+/-0.8%; Wind: ±0.3 m/s (0.6 mph) or 1% of reading; Solar Radiation (400-1100 nm): +/-3% up to 2000wm-2. All sensors mounted on 10 m tower; average, max and min (vector average for wind) recorded every 10 min and every 24 hrs.


Research Facility

Wave Energy Research Centre
College of the North Atlantic
Lord's Cove
Newfoundland and Labrador (NL)

Development & testing of wave energy converters, test bed for materials, structures and engineered devices designed for harsh wave environment. Land-based multi-trophic aquaculture.

  • Engineering - Agricultural, Forest, Environmental, Mining, Mineral
  • Marine/Ocean Sciences
  • Energy (Renewable and Fossil)
  • Environmental Technologies and Related Services
  • Fisheries and Aquaculture
  • Ocean Industries

Industry Liaison Officer

Kay Graham
Innovation Officer


Kay Graham Primary Contact
Industry Liaison
Michael Graham
Administrator - Research Projects

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