Magnetoencephalography (MEG) Functional Neuroimaging System


Magnetoencephalography (MEG) Functional Neuroimaging System
Elekta Neuromag Oy

The Elekta Neuromag Vectorview is a whole-head 306-channel magnetoencephalography (MEG) neuroimaging system capable of measuring neural activity through biomagnetic signals generated by the human brain. It is used extensively in both research and clinical settings, within pediatric and clinical populations. Clinically, MEG is useful to non-invasively locate epileptogenic regions and perform pre-surgical functional mapping of sensation, motor and language functions. Due to its combination of temporal and spatial resolution, MEG is an exceptional technology for non-invasive imaging research on human brain function in healthy and patient populations.

The system contains 306 MEG channels (comprised of 204 planar gradiometers and 102 magnetometers), as well as an integrated 60 channel electroencephalography (EEG) system with optional input for 128 channels. The system provides whole-head coverage for neuromagnetic and neuroelectric, including coverage of the temporal lobes. Additionally, the integrated EEG system also includes 4 differential (i.e., bipolar) channels, enabling the simultaneous recording of electrocardiogram (ECG), electro-occulogram (EOG), and electromyogram (EMG). Data can be aligned with structural magnetic resonance images (MRI) to localize function to brain structures with sub-centimetre accuracy. Head shape digitization and continuous position monitoring allow for optimal registration of MEG/EEG to MRI.

A standard sampling rate of 5 kHz may be used with an optional maximum of 10 kHz. Ability to record in either the supine and seated positions are possible. Stimuli can be presented using visual, auditory, or tactile modalities. Participant responses can be logged using button pads or via intercom and video monitor.


Research Facility

Biomedical Translational Imaging Centre (BIOTIC)
Nova Scotia (NS)

BIOTIC (Biomedical Translational Imaging Centre) is a multi-site imaging centre that is embedded in the two leading research and teaching hospitals in Nova Scotia. Our advanced pre-clinical and clinical imaging equipment are housed in three labs encompassing over 12,000 square feet of lab space. Our equipment includes MRI, PET/CT, SPECT, EEG and MEG. We are the only group in Atlantic Canada with a collection of research-dedicated imaging technologies of this magnitude.

Our multidisciplinary and cross-functional teams, providing expertise in all facets of imaging research and development, collaborate on commercial development projects with industry partners, as well as research and development projects with a number of institutions. Our team is involved in co-developing medical technologies, as well as creating new imaging techniques and methods for diagnosing and monitoring treatment.

BIOTIC provides single-point access to the expertise, equipment, support services, clinicians, and patient populations you need to answer your most pressing research questions. We will work with you to advance your research program and move your discoveries along the path toward real-world application and commercialization.

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