Immersible Thermal Manikin


Immersible Thermal Manikin

TIM is the tool and product that has established The CORD Group Limited as a world leader in Thermal Manikin R & D, and also in garment testing that uses the thermal manikin.

TIM is:

  1. Multi-sectional
  2. The most advanced immersible manikin in the world and the only system in Canada
  3. The only manikin in the world that has been validated against humans, under both laboratory and Open Ocean conditions

The CORD Group Limited routinely uses TIM for testing a variety of garment types such as: survival suits for marine use, marine work suits, thermal lifejackets, outdoor apparel, rain gear, military equipment, and portable cooling systems.

TIM is also capable of testing beds, sleeping bags, providing information about gloves and boots, headgear, layering systems, etc.

TIM 1 is a cast aluminum, immersible manikin with 13 controlled zones.  TIM 1 has a mass of 94.3 kg (208 lb). TIM 1 can operate in a wide range of temperatures and environments.

Measurements include:

  • Power/heat loss
  • Sectional and total insulation
  • Im (with the sweating skin)

Research Facility

The CORD Group Limited
Nova Scotia (NS)

The CORD Group Limited is An innovative protective garment and human factors testing facility located in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada. CORD is also home of the world's only commercially accessible immersible thermal manikin. The CORD Group Limited has a variety of facilities, such as a controlled climate chamber, wind tunnel, and a wave pool. With these facilities, CORD is Canada's leading establishment for approval testing and evaluation of immersion suits, personal flotation devices, lifejackets, and other life-saving devices. CORD also conducts performance testing on rain gear, and waterproof-breathable apparel.

  • Engineering - Industrial, Mechanical, Electrical
  • Marine/Ocean Sciences
  • Defense and Security Industries
  • Energy (Renewable and Fossil)
  • Ocean Industries
  • Transportation


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