Deep-sea pressure vessels


Deep-sea pressure vessels
Autoclave France

We have two IPOCAMP vessels which may be used to study deep-sea life at pressures up to 300 bars (equivalent to 3000 m depth). The system is housed in the deep-sea holding room, but is also ship mountable.

  • Flow through from filtered seawater lines
  • ​Chambers are 19 L; 20 cm diameter, 60 cm height
  • Temperatures from 2 to 100 °C
  • 12 L / hour flow
  • Endoscope with camera, monitor and recorder as well as fibre optic light guides

Research Facility

Cold-ocean Deep-sea Research Facility
Memorial University
St. John's
Newfoundland and Labrador (NL)

The Cold-Ocean Deep-Sea Research Facility (CDRF) at the Ocean Sciences Centre provides researchers with access to state of the art infrastructure and equipment for the study of aquatic organisms, especially those from the cold waters of the Arctic and North Atlantic oceans.

The CDRF offers researchers unique facilities, including a local seawater line for a continuous flow-through water supply to a AQC3 certified biocontainment facility. The facility is newly equipped with histology, microscopy, deep-sea and disease challenge equipment.
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  • Environmental and Earth Sciences
  • Marine/Ocean Sciences
  • Medical Sciences
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  • Agriculture, Animal Science and Food
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  • Environmental Technologies and Related Services
  • Fisheries and Aquaculture
  • Life Sciences, Pharmaceuticals and Medical Equipment
  • Ocean Industries

Industry Liaison Officer

Matt Grimes
Technology Commercialization Officer


Stephen Hill Primary Contact
Manager, CDRF

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