CCD Imaging Camera #1


CCD Imaging Camera #1
Aspen CG16M

Astronomical optical imaging

  • Sensor: Truesense KAF-16803​
  • Dark Current: 0.08 e- per second at 0C (2x2 binned)
  • Array Size: 2048x2048 (binned 2x2)
  • A/D Converter: 16-bit
  • Full Well: 94,000 e-
  • Read Noise: 9.5 e- RMS
  • Optical Filters: 10
  • Field of View: 31.9’ x 31.9’
  • Details are here

Research Facility

Burke-Gaffney Observatory
Saint Mary's University
Nova Scotia (NS)

The Burke-Gaffney Observatory is a fully robotic optical astronomical observatory. It is the world's first observatory to interact with its observers entirely using social media platforms (Twitter and Facebook).

It has a flexible and easy-to-use interface that allows observers to obtain astronomical images of objects of their choice in a fully-automatic way. 

It's main instrument is a Planewave CDK24 0.60-metre telescope and two CCD cameras and up to 16 optical filters. 
  • Astronomy and Physics
  • Education
  • Information and Communication Technologies and Media


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