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Leeway Odyssey Vessel
Leeway Marine
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LeeWay Marine is the leading marine services company in Atlantic Canada operating vessels to bring people to sea safely, efficiently and cost effectively while supporting all ocean going sectors, including:

  • hydrographic and geophysical survey
  • ocean technology
  • ocean research
  • naval defence

All vessels are owned, operated and maintained by LeeWay’s own marine technical team. This framework enables efficient, reliable, safe and affordable marine sector solutions.

Our company is built on the fundamental principle that knowledge drives success. With over 200 combined years of professional marine operations experience, our team members are exceptionally trained and uniquely qualified in their fields.

Knowledgeable in a range of disciplines, including professional marine engineering, naval architecture, marine law, marine surveying and marine operations, our team offers a powerful combination of innovation and execution. Being able to offer the discipline and dedication to execute your most complex operations is a cornerstone on which LeeWay Marine is built.

We know that each ocean project is different, which is why we offer flexible support options. Contact LeeWay Marine to discuss how we can meet the needs of your on-water operation.

  • Marine/Ocean Sciences
  • Defense and Security Industries
  • Education
  • Energy (Renewable and Fossil)
  • Environmental Technologies and Related Services
  • Fisheries and Aquaculture
  • Ocean Industries
  • Professional and Technical Services (including Legal Services, Architecture, Engineering)
  • Tourism and Hospitality
  • Transportation

Research Facility

Jamie Sangster
Don Grant
EVP Corporate Affairs

Equipment 9 piece(s)

Motor Vessel Leeway Odyssey

Providing a safe stable platform for those wishing to conduct operations and excursions to sea.

MV Leeway Odyssey is a 38 meter all aluminum multi-purpose vessel with a beam of 25 feet. It is outfitted for year round coastal service with around the clock operations. Until being acquired by Leeway in 2015, she was owned and operated by the Canadian Coast Guard since build and has been well maintained and upgraded throughout her service. She was dry-docked /refit in March 2016 and delegated to a Classification Society (RINA) by Transport Canada. The vessel has a total compliment of 18 persons, which includes ship’s crew of 7 and scientific crew of 11 personnel. The vessel’s accommodations can be expanded to 24 berths if required.

Some reduced crewing options are also available under certain operating profiles.

The vessel is fully Transport Canada certified as Near Coastal 1 HT2, meeting all safety requirements and regulations with a Safety Management System (SMS) and Preventative Maintenance Program in place and can operate up to 120 nm offshore with modern navigational and electronics equipment. Expanding to 200nm from shore is available if / when required.

  • Fleet
  • Ship profile
  • Accommodate up to 11 client passengers for multi-day trips or 14 client passengers for day excursions.
  • Two Cummins V12 diesel main propulsion engines: 1600KW installed power
  • Two CAT c6.6 diesel generators 125KW each through main switchboard
  • Diesel propulsion and aluminum hull provide good fuel economy for daily operations
  • Operations up to 200 nautical miles from shore 
  • Bow thruster in bulbous bow
  • Length: 37.16 m
  • Breadth: 8.23 m
  • Depth: 3.41 m
  • Gross tonnage: 345.73 T
  • Cruising range: 1800 nm
  • Cruising speed: 12.5 kts


Enables safe launch and recovery of towed and subsea equipment into the ocean.

  • Hydraulic 7500 lbs WLL A Frame (11’ w x 14’ h) with
  • Bradon winch mounted atop aframe to assist in deployments/recoveries.
  • 7’ extension over the transom.

Stern ramp - small vessel/AUV launch

The stern ramp has the ability to tilt and extend to the waters surface enabling positive control to launch and recover small boats / equipment / AUV's etc from the back deck of Leeway Odyssey into the ocean.

Optionally, the main deck can be fitted with (In lieu of standard deck configuration) the Controlled Hydraulic Entry A-Frame Technology (CHEAT) System designed by LeeWay Marine to enable sensitive payloads (6000lbs) to be lowered to the water interface using a dynamic A-Frame and hydraulic ramp control system. The system reduces risk to payloads and improves LAR in difficult sea conditions. The system is modular and can be removed within 1 hour if clients require an open deck configuration. 

Deck crane

Supports main deck and overboarding equipment on "over the side" operations.

Telescoping Crane (1300kg WLL and 950Kg over the side).

Deck Configurable

To facilitate client custom deck configurations of mounting winches, containers and other payload. 

The vessel has a Large 30'x25' open back deck for many types of support services in science and research development, bottom and core sampling, water sampling, ocean bottom mapping, resource protection recovery, fishing gear removal, buoy maintenance and inspections, ROV-Remote Vehicle Operations, training and education,and man diver support.

  • Steel construction
  • fitted with ISO locks to enable easy container installation
  • Additionally, the main deck is fitted with a robust plated steel frame used for winch and equipment installations per the client’s requirements. The frame is fitted with ISO locks in a 10’ and 20’ TEU container footprint.
  • Bulwark cutouts allow for simpler "over the side" operations
  • Optionally, the main deck can be fitted with the Controlled Hydraulic Entry A-Frame Technology
    (CHEAT) System. See Stern ramp.


Overboarding of equipment over the side

  • 1x davit WLL 1000kg STBD side deck - Hydraulically powered
  • 2x davits WLL 500kg over wheelhouse - Manually powered

Trawling winches

Enables launch and recovery of small sensors/equipment

2x trawling haulers

Multibeam sonar mount

Multi-Beam Sonar mount.

The ship’s keel has a diver-installed Multi-Beam Sonar mounting carriage located 1/3 length from the bow.

Lab space Offshore

Services as a client control/survey room and workspace.

A laboratory (16'x10') serves as the data processing center, has server racks and cat 5 distribution architecture to all cabins/work stations, DGPS navigation feed and several data feed transits to the main deck.

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