Olwen Dorothy Farrell Enhanced Gene Analysis & Discovery Core Facility (EGAD)

Research Facility

Olwen Dorothy Farrell Enhanced Gene Analysis & Discovery Core Facility (EGAD)
Dalhousie University
Nova Scotia (NS)

Our current major focus is in providing RNAi / shRNA reagnets for silencing genes-of-interest in human and mouse cell systems. We carry a library of over 200,000 GIPZ lentiviral plasmids for gene knockown that spans the whole genome.

We also carry robotic-based yeast manipulation for genome-wide experiments, (eg. SGA - synthetic gene array analysis).

We are in the process of acquiring a Pacbio Sequel for whole genome sequencing. In the near future, we will be constructing pooled shRNA gene-knockdown cell line libraries.

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Research Facility

Pak Poon
Lab Manager

Industry Liaison Officer

Margaret Palmeter

Equipment 2 piece(s)

shRNA gene-silencing library

This library set consists of lentiviral plasmids that are used to target gene-silencing for your gene of interest in either human or mouse cell systems. 

Over 200,000 plasmid clones against mouse and human genes.

Robotic Pinner
VersArray colony arrayer

Robotic manipulation of yeast cell arrays for genome-wide analysis, eg. SGA - synthetic gene array analysis.

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