St. F.X. University Microscope Facility

Research Facility

St. F.X. University Microscope Facility
St. Francis Xavier University
Nova Scotia (NS)

The imaging facility provides the equipment and expertise to process, survey and photograph biological tissue using the electron and confocal microscopes.

  • Biological and Life Sciences
  • Biotechnology

Research Facility

George Robertson

Industry Liaison Officer

Andrew Kendall

Equipment 7 piece(s)

Transmission electron microscope
Philips model 410 Kodak L12C 4872 x 3248 pixel CCD camera magnification up to 155,000X accelerating voltage range 40-100 kV

Scanning electron microscope
Jeol model 5300 with Quartz PCI imaging system magnification up to 50,000X

Critical point dryer
Tousimis Samdri-PVT-3B chamber size 3 x 3 cm.

Sputter coater

SPI module sputter coater performs gold coating of specimens

Confocal microscope
Olympus Fluoview with KrAr 488, HeNe 543 and HeNe 633 lasers

Reichert microtome

Capable of cutting thick or thin sections for electron microscopy

Vibratome series 1000 microtome

Date submitted: Wed, Mar 29, 2017 10:40 AM
Date updated: Wed, Mar 29, 2017 10:45 AM

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