Department of Biology at CBU – Electric Fish Behavioural NeuroEndocrinology Lab

Research Facility

Department of Biology at CBU - Electric Fish Behavioural NeuroEndocrinology Lab
Cape Breton University
Nova Scotia (NS)

The Electric Fish Behavioral NeuroEndocrinology Lab is an integrative research facility that houses a range of equipment used for molecular biology, histology, hormone analyses, and behavioural recordings. Our lab is also home to a permanent indoor breeding colony of South American electric fish which we use to study the neuroendocrine regulation of electric signals. We welcome collaborations and access to our facility by industry-partners and other academic institutions to conduct biomedical, environmental science, and fisheries and aquaculture research.

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Research Facility

Zuzana Istvankova
Major Research Project Officer
Vielka Salazar
Associate Professor, Biology

Industry Liaison Officer

Sarah Conrod
Industry Liaison Officer

Equipment 20 piece(s)

Thermal Cycler
Bio-Rad Laboratories
C1000 Touch Thermal cycler

Generates temperature cycling conditions to amplify targeted DNA regions by polymerase chain reaction (PCR). Includes dual 48/48-well reaction module bay which allows two users to run separate experiments with samples. Touch screen software allows user to create protocols with specific thermal gradients


Real-Time PCR thermal cycler with C1000 thermal cycler chassis and CFX manager software
Bio-Rad Laboratories
CFX384 Touch Real-Time PCR

Generates temperature cycling conditions and uses 4-color detection optics for quantitative PCR experiments. Includes 384-well reaction module bay which allows users to run qPCR experiments on up to 384 PCR samples and computer software for creating protocols and data analysis, including gene expression analysis. Touch screen software.


Microfluidic electrophoresis
Bio-Rad Laboratories
Experion automated electrophoresis station

Performs automated gel-based electrophoresis and analysis of RNA, DNA and proteins using the LabChip microfluidic technology. Includes Experion electrophoresis unit, chip vortex station II, chip priming station, and real-time data acquisition and analysis software.


Molecular imager
Bio-Rad Laboratories
Molecular Imager Gel Doc XR+ with Image Lab software

For the visualization and analyses of nucleic acids and protein gels, blots, and macroarrays. It incorporates high-resolution and high-sensitivity CCD detection technology and modular options to image a wide range of samples.


Nanodrop spectrophotomer
NanoDrop 8000

Quantify and assess purity of RNA, DNA, and protein samples.


Refrigerated Microcentrifuge
Sorvall Legend Micro 21R

Spins samples at high speed to separate materials of different densities; plasma separation from blood samples; pelleting of DNA and RNA samples; column filtration.


PCR workstation

Ideal sterile work environment for preparing samples for molecular biology applications. Clean conditions are kept by UV radiation, HEPA air filtration, and antimicrobial coated surfaces


Thermal shaker
Montreal BioTech Inc
MS-100 cool-heat thermal shaker

Used to heat or cool, and mix small chemical or biological samples for applications such as nucleic acids and protein isolation, bacterial incubation, nucleic acids library preparation


Convection oven
HERAtherm convection oven

Used to heat and dry equipment and non-hazardous biological samples for laboratory, clinical, or industrial use


Gel electrophoresis
Bio-Rad Laboratories
Sub-Cell GT Horizontal Electrophoresis Cell with PowerPac™ Basic Power Supply and gel caster

Gel electrophoresis units with gel casters and gel boxes of two different sizes. Includes power supply


Nanopore portable sequencer
Oxford Nanopore Technologies
MinION sequencer

Portable sequencer that implements the nanopore technology to perform various sequencing applications such as long-reads sequencing and direct RNA sequencing.


CryoStar NX50 cryostat

Cuts thin section of frozen tissue at low temperatures for various histological analyses such as immunohistochemistry and in situ hybridization


Reichert microtome
Reichert Technologies
HistoSTAT rotary microtome

Cuts thick or thin slices of paraffin-embedded tissue for histological analyses.

Boekel slide moat
Boekel Scientific
Boekel slide moat hybridization slide warmer

Provides a heating platform and chamber capable of maintaining either dry or highly humid conditions for in-situ hybridization applications. Unit can hold up tp30 standard microscope slides. Uses include in-situ RNA amplification, reverse transcription reactions, hybridization, and DNA melt.


Microplate reader
BioTek Instruments, Inc
Eon Microplate Spectrophotometer Reader with Gen5 Imager Software

Computer-controlled reader with a variety of read modes such as endpoint, kinetic, multi-wavelength and spectral scanning. Compatible with 96 well plates. Wavelength range 200 to 999 nm, UV and visible light absorbance. Incubation temperature range of 4 to 65 degrees Celsius. Programmable plate shaking.


C-18 solid phase extraction manifold with vacuum pump
MaximaDry Oil-Free Vacuum Pump fitted to Alltech Manifold for HPLC Extraction

Up to 24 C-18 solid-phase extraction (spe) cartridges can be attached to the vacuum pump fitted manifold for the extraction and purification of steroid hormones from plasma and water samples.


Benchmark Scientific
BioClave Benchtop Sterilizer

Sterilizes research tools and small biological samples at high temperatures and under pressure. Can perform solid (unwrapped and wrapped) and liquid sterilization.


SZ61 stereomicroscope with LC10 digital microscope camera and LCmicro imaging software

To perform surgical extraction of tissues and microinjection of embryos


Compound microscope
BH-2 compound microscope with LC10 digital microscope camera and LCmicro imaging software

To magnify, visualize & digitally-capture images of thin sections of tissue for applications such as histochemistry and in situ hybridization.

Dry block heater
VWR® Digital Dry Block Heaters (3-block)

Plate generates temperatures for incubation or activation of biological or chemical samples. Includes exchangeable blocks for different tube sizes.


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