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Facility Submission Guide

Facility Section

  • Facility/Lab*
    This is the name of the facility/lab hosting the equipment. You should create a separate record for each facility/lab you have.
  • Organization*
    Refers to the name of the institute/company/association/etc with which your facility/lab is affiliated. Please select organization from drop down list or select ‘Other’ and enter name manually. If the organization name does not differ from the facility/lab name, please select ‘N/A’.
  • Organization name*
    This will be added to the permanent list of organizations if your facility/lab is approved.
  • City
    If your facility/lab has locations in multiple cities, please list all cities separated by commas (or leave blank).
  • Province/Region*
    If your facility/lab has locations in multiple provinces, please select region. If your province/region is not listed, please contact                                                                  
  • What the facility does*
    Describe what your facility/lab does, such as type of research, services offered, etc.
  • Research disciplines*
    Please check all research disciplines for which your facility/lab could be relevant. You must select at least one research discipline. If none apply, please contact
  • Sectors of application*
    Please check all sectors of application for which your facility/lab could be relevant. You must select at least one sector of application. If none apply, please contact

Contact Section                                               

  • Website
    If you have your own website, separate from the facility website, enter it here

Equipment Section

  • Type*
    The full name of the piece of equipment.
  • Equipment purpose*
    Provide a brief description of the piece of equipment, its functions, possible uses, special features, etc.
  • Equipment specifications
    Include information such as dimensions, weight, power supply, battery life, software, resolution, range, etc. Please include units of measurement.
  • Excess capacity*
    Excess capacity means that the piece of equipment is not being fully utilized, that there is time available for it to be used by others or on other projects. Please note: this field will not be publicly viewable.
  • Search visibility*
    To ensure that we have a complete listing of everything within your facility, please include all equipment, even that which you do not want publicly viewable.
    If you do not want the piece of equipment to be publicly viewable, check ‘Private’.
  • Keywords
    Please include any common terms, acronyms, and/or associated words that apply to this piece of equipment. This improves the likelihood that it will appear in search results.
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